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Forbidden Secrets (2005)


Naked And Uninhibited (2007)


Pleasure Party (2007)

Director: Robert Blossom

Production Co: MRG Entertainment
DURATION : 1.19.10

A couple, Dean and Liz, and their cohort Tessa get
 together to come up with a plan for their next con.
Conversation weaves through other cons they’ve heard
of or tried, and it’s the sexual implications of them
that consistently bothers Tessa. When Nick shows up to be
 Tessa’s “partner,” it becomes clear that the con-artists
 have set the whole evening up with various sexual
 maneuvers to make Tessa leave of her own accord so they
can plot their next heist without her interference.


Forbidden Desires (2005)


Naked And Nasty (2008)

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